The Toby Tobin Radio Show

A regular on the Toby Tobin Radio Show on 98.1 FM

For nearly 40 years now – Richard Clayton Barrett has been a regular on the cast of characters on the Toby Tobin Radio Show on 98.1 FM in Kansas City. Rick is one of Toby’s most trusted sidekicks on the show for expert advice on landscaping, plants, planting, and much more.

Toby says, “The key to Rick and I having such a successful relationship on the show is his quality of knowledge and integrity. It’s imperative to me that I have people on the show that our listeners can trust. Rick is one of the more important parts of the success of the show because of his background in the business and the quality information he brings to our listeners.”

Rick is on with Toby two Saturdays per month. You can listen live on Saturday mornings from 6:00am to 10:00am. Click below to link to the live broadcast of the show on Saturday mornings or tune your radio to 98.1 FM on the dial.

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