What Can I Do For You...

Thanks for your interest, here is a little explanation of what I do and how I work.

I am an independent Landscape Architect, so I don’t have plants for sale or crews to do the work, but I know great sources for both. The beauty of working with me is that I am looking at it objectively, just like you are, without the need to “sell” numbers of plants or services.

I work on large and small projects; I want to look at the architectural style of the house, relationship of what is there to remain, and understand from you how much maintenance you want to put into it, costs of the project, doing the work yourself, or bidding it out, etc.

Starting the Design

This is not a one size fits all process. To get the best design for you, I like to start with an hour’s consultation on site ($199.00) if you are somewhere here in the metro.

In That Hour:

  • Look at what you have
  • Where you want to go
  • Examine and sketch out solutions

I always carry Garden Books, Plant pictures, etc., so we can talk thru what is appropriate, and come to some agreement on the direction to go. Many times an hour is all we need, but there are some situations that call for a bit more time at that time we will determine how to proceed from there.

Plans and Contracting

We can commonly produce enough information on a sketch that you can get bids from it from a contractor, or certainly do it yourself if you wish to. We will discuss what you need, exactly, when we meet.

Occasionally we will need to:

  • Draw a scale plan on the computer
  • Gather field measurements (a survey is very helpful)

I just work by the hour for master plan design, and we can talk about what costs might be involved in your situation. Every situation is a little different.

I am happy to speak with you if you also have any questions about the above.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you,
Richard Clayton Barrett, ASLA (aka Rick)