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Engineered for Greatness

Richard Clayton Barrett was featured in the May/June publication of Kansas City Homes & Gardens Magazine. Read the full article “Anytime you build something to last –– flagstone over concrete, frost footings for walls, etc. –– you are making an investment in the future,” Rick says. “Commonly, the costs of doing it well cause us […]

Regular with Toby Tobin

For over thirty years now – Richard Clayton Barrett has been a regular on the cast of characters on the Toby Tobin Radio Show on 980 KMBZ AM in Kansas City. Rick is one of Toby’s most trusted sidekicks on the show for expert advice on landscaping, plants, planting, and much more.

Exceeded our expectations

“Sometimes you don’t know how good somebody really is until you’ve had work done on your home that was really bad! I spend big bucks to have some work done by a company that turned out to be untrustworthy. Rick has exceeded our expectations and made our home beautiful. We trust him implicitly!” Homeowner. The […]

Every step of the way

You may only need a good design and be able to implement the plan from there. Or you may want someone who can help you every step of the way. The key is to start with a solid plan. This is where Rick can help you!