About Richard Clayton Barrett:

Richard Clayton Barrett has spent the better portion of his professional career in the design, lawn, & landscape business. Mr. Barrett is involved in and serves on some of the top Landscape Architect Associations in the country. He is highly regarded in the industry and is fully licensed and certified in all areas of Landscape Architecture.

To Rick Barrett the customer and their desires are the top priority. Landscape Architecture involves living, breathing elements with aesthetics and financial decisions. From his desire to work with you in every aspect of your project, you can be assured that Rick will help you in every state of the process.

Why Choose a
Landscape Architect?

Unless you have the skills - you probably wouldn't just run to a lumber yard and try to build your own home. But most of us have no problem running to the store and buying plants, shrubs and trees and digging holes in the ground.

A landscape architect can help you in a total decision making process and implement a plan that the two of you decide upon as a team to ensure proper growth, drainage, design, color choices, and a solid future.

You many only need a good design and be able to implement the plan from there. Or you may want someone who can help you every step of the way. The key is to start with a solid plan. This is where Rick can help you!

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